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Accelerate Your Business w/ Group Mentoring

Take the next step with a guide to help you. If you want to accelerate your growth or you’re determined to get started with your first buy to let, we’ve got the programme to take your property investing to the next level.

Rob has a proven track record of guiding his clients through making the right purchase to increase their cash flow. You’ll avoid the costly pitfalls of getting into the wrong deal and focus in on getting it right first time.

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Rob King: Property Mentor UK
We’ve been working with Rob for the past 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He has helped to keep us focussed and has a way of cutting through the chaff and giving you an objective insight. Knowledgeable and a nice guy.
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Kate & Rupert Day
Clearstream properties

REGULAR Check in

Short sharp booster calls when needed to check-in, get the latest update from Rob, ask any burning questions, keep you motivated and make sure you are on track to achieve your goals

HOT SEAT Mentoring Sessions

Each month, a 2 hour round table group mentoring session where everyone gets time to ask questions.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited 24/7 email and phone support – get in touch!  We’re here to help.

Hot Seat Mentoring Sessions

Jump in the hot seat each month, for your own dedicated mentoring time.  Come prepared to get the most out of your dedicated session where you get you own personal questions answered (min. 20 mins guaranteed).

Plus the power of group mentoring means you get the added bonus of learning from everyone else’s questions, where you hear the answers to all those questions you didn’t know to ask.
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Regular check-ins will keep you motivated, up to date and on track.

Remote Learning

We use Zoom, this makes our sessions much more time efficient and suitable for the current global situation.


Meet like minded investors at the same stage of the property journey as you!

Meeting Structure

Having a small and intimate Mastermind Group ensures all of your questions are answered and you leave each session feeling inspired and clear-headed.

Beat COVID-19 and get ahead of the game by positioning yourself for success.

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Been working with Rob for the last 12 months. We have learnt a huge amount, been very well supported and had our eyes opened to process and procedure that would have taken us years of trial and error. Not to mention he's a lovely chap!
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Alan & Lisa
Peal Homes

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Buy-to-Let Success in 6 Months Guaranteed


We’re so confident you can do this, we’re prepared to back your hard work and our programme and guarantee that you will!

If you haven’t found your next buy to let investment in 6 months (and you’ve followed all the steps set out in the programme and done all the work!) then The Property Meetup Success Guarantee means you can walk away and we will refund you all your money, and you can keep all the course material and everything you’ve learned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by past mentee, Tim Ball.

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I got on extremely well with Rob.  He doesn’t have an excess of ego which I found very refreshing.  He was always genuine and certainly always honest and ethical.  I have come across and have seen many property education and mentors online – as I’m sure you have – and I’m always unimpressed by the “look at me” approach so many of them seem to have…. 

With any mentoring or self improvement, you get out what you put in.  Rob didn’t do any of the work for me – and neither would I expect him to, but it was almost like he had my back.  I felt that there was a safety net.  If I wasn’t sure, I could ask.  If I didn’t know what other potential options were available, I could ask.  It’s good to have a clear goal and it may change, but very important to know what you are trying to achieve.

I don’t think I had any potentially “costly mistake” scenarios, but I have on many occasions taken advice offered by Rob to do things in a more cost effective way.  I had a lease issue with one property and he worked really hard trying to avoid paying the charges I was faced with.  

I remember being concerned by group mentoring.  But actually it’s better than one 2 one.  You can earn from what other people are doing – you can also get the benefit of other peoples’ life experience.  Rob will always give you his honest opinion for the best way HE thinks something can work.  I may offer you a different opinion.  We are different people, who think differently and have had different experiences in life.  It would be for you to decide what you think is the best way to go.  

There is an unspoken (and sometimes spoken) rule about not nicking someone else’s deal.  There are also strong morals and ethics within this process and between mentors and mentees and mentees and other mentees.  You will only gain from sharing your info, learning, experience and knowledge.

Never had any issue here.  If he was busy he would call me back.

I have no hesitation recommending him.  I would like to give a 10/10, but who ever gives that?!  9.8? He’s honest (not everyone is) and he is genuine.  He is also very well connected in the Southampton area which could be extremely beneficial to you.  

He needs a better coffee machine in his office – but he knows this!